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Gab & John: Playful and Modern

This project was all about bringing the fun!

Gab and John found me through my Instagram, and I had a blast working with them on their wedding. I worked to give a unique, no rules venue the personality it deserved. The couple wanted a playful and fun feel to complement their industrial venue’s many shades of gray, black, and brown, and my job was to bring their vision to life.

All photography courtesy of Arius Photography

The Venue

Gab and John’s wedding took place in October of 2022 at Basilica Hudson in Hudson, New York. You may be thinking, “With a name like ‘basilica,’ it must’ve been in an antique church.” It’s actually quite the opposite! Basilica Hudson is a super unique 7,000 square foot venue that sits on the Hudson River about a 2.5 hour drive north of Manhattan. It was built in the 1880s as a foundry that produced railroad car wheels. You still definitely get that factory/industrial feel, and this couple leaned into those vintage vibes. This venue is rented as a completely blank slate, which makes the possibilities truly endless in what can be done. I absolutely love working with couples that choose a venue like this, because no one will probably ever have a wedding like theirs!

The Vibe

Texture was the one major thread that connected a lot of the decisions I made to create a super cohesive and fun vibe. From the invitations, to the florals, to the linens, to Gab’s dress -  and every single rental choice in between - this wedding was truly all in the details.

What I Did

Invitation Suite

For Gab and John’s invitation suite, I used deckled paper (paper that has been cut imperfectly), which creates these beautiful feathery edges. This paper was handmade, which makes a huge difference, and played a key role in sharing the vintage vibe with guests right from the start. With gold details, a watercolor brush stroke on the {very playful} details card, and a modern whimsical font, I wanted to share with guests that this was going to be a super fun wedding. The envelope liner pulled in the colors and florals that the couple had already chosen, which was also really cool. I tied all of it together with jute and used a lovely blue wax seal with the couple’s monogrammed initials to seal the envelope.

Seating Chart & Name Tags

The couple purchased a gorgeous Anthropologie mirror that they wanted to use for their seating chart. Lots of people think that doing a mirror has to be super formal, but what we were able to do defied that common misconception. I took it a more playful route and used deckled paper, gold hand watercolor calligraphy, and the same blue wax seal that I used to seal the invitations to keep a cohesive vibe.

Although for the most part there was no assigned seating at the long farm tables, we decided that it would be best to include name tags at the table the couple was sitting at. This ensured that they had all of their closest family and friends surrounding them to celebrate their love. I kept things cohesive by doing these cards on deckled paper with the same gold hand watercolor calligraphy.

Table Numbers

What I did with the table numbers was sick, and I can’t tell you how many people DM’d and emailed me asking about it when I shared it on Instagram. These pink Himalayan salt blocks were so unique (and not as pricey as you may think), and took the texture to the next level. They added another natural element, while also bringing in the pinks that were a big part of the color scheme. This was hands down my favorite aspect to work on, and it doesn’t hurt that these blocks have lots of health benefits! They looked so badass on the table with the florals, textured glassware, and runner. They also functioned as a pseudo favor, and many guests were excited to take these home.


I absolutely loved working with Gab on the menu card because it matched the white to pink ombré of her wedding dress, which itself was a vibe (and of course John hadn’t seen). I again used deckled paper, and these cards sat beautifully tucked into a textured linen napkin as part of a tablescape with TONS of texture in their rentals.

Amazing food was a major focal point for this wedding, and their farm-to-table family style spread was one for the books. Like fried chicken, what?!

How {Awesome} It All Turned Out

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