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Distinct Designs: My Venue Paintings

How My Paintings Come to Life

Venue paintings are a unique and lovely way to set a really cool tone for your wedding. Are you interested in potentially having one of my venue paintings play a role in your special day? Let me first explain my process!

After chatting with you to see what you're looking for, it all starts with an initial pencil sketch (like the one above for a recent home that I painted for a client). Once it's approved, I go straight to painting! If you’re the first person to order it, you get to keep the painting (and you’ll be paying full price). If I’ve already created the painting and you’d like to use it, I offer a usage fee.

You can check out the complete list of venues that I have already created here (at the bottom of the page).

With maps, I'll chat with you about all of the locations you want to include. I don’t like to do more than 7, as it can get really crowded. I can also graphically change them - especially somewhere like LBI where I have created about 10 different maps - which allows me to take pieces from multiple prior creations and then piece them all together.

If you don’t want a watercolor vibe, I can also create a lined drawing (like the one below) that we can then use letterpress or thermography on paper or foil - these also turn out super cool!

Where My Couples Have Used My Paintings

Save the Dates

Utilizing a watercolor or lined drawing on your save the dates sets a special tone for your event right from the start!


In an invitation suite, there are lots of options. You can feature a venue painting in the envelope liner, on the invitation itself, on a postcard/schedule of events, or on a custom map that I can create!

At the Reception

Some of my couples choose to display their paintings in super creative ways at the reception! I've had brides use it as their guest book where they'll mat it and frame it, and guests can sign on the mat or the painting itself. How about those awesome matchbooks as a take home and a complement to having a cigar roller at the reception?! So cool!

Let’s Chat About Your Wedding!

I can't wait to connect with you about the prospect of working together for your special day! Please fill out my contact form here so I can learn more about what you're looking for! Thank you!


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